Lake Constance: An economic power

When he built his airship in 1908, Graf von Zeppelin laid the cornerstone for Friedrichshafen’s industrial development. Aircraft developer Claude Dornier and mechanical engineer Karl Maybach were also able to benefit from this new industry, and settled in the region as well to share in the success of the Zeppelin airships with their metal structures and engines. This gave rise to global corporations such as ZF Friedrichshafen AG, MTU (Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG) or the ZEPPELIN Group.

The region is defined not only by the aviation industry but also by automotive, machine engineering and electronics. Today’s ZF Group which has its head office in Friedrichshafen meanwhile has turnover in excess of 35 billion and, with 136,800 employees – 14,500 of whom are engaged in research and development – is one of the world’s biggest automotive suppliers. Neighbouring Austria, Switzerland and the Duchy of Liechtenstein however also play a major part in the overall high rate of employment with 2.2 million people in work and one of Europe’s lowest unemployment rates – 3.4 per cent – as well as an above-average gross domestic product of around 106 billion euros – more than 46,000 euros per inhabitant. The potential and resources of no fewer than four highly developed countries come together in this dynamic economic region with international appeal. Global players and hidden champions such as LIEBHERR, HILTI, Doppelmayr, DIEL Aerospace or WÜRTH – to name just a few – and highly specialised medium-sized companies such as the EUROBIKE exhibitor CarbonSports GmbH are as much at home here as are science and research.

In addition, the region enjoys great economic and innovative strength with an index value of 51.4, putting the Lake Constance region in fourth place in Baden-Württemberg. For students too, the Lake Constance region is an attractive place to study: The Alliance of International Lake Constance Universities numbers 29 third-level institutions of which the private Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and the Dual University Ravensburg/Friedrichshafen alone have over 2,500 students enrolled on technical courses.

In short, Lake Constance is not only a heavenly holiday destination but also a highly developed economic region with strong industry. A combination that makes living and working here so unique!

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