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During the OutDoor Show in Friedrichshafen a small group of adventurers set out to experience the trend topic, Microadventure for themselves.


It doesn’t always have to be the mammoth expeditions. Sometimes it’s just enough tospend the night in the open air to be able to see things more clearly - and not just the stars! Only very few of us are fortunate enough to be able to live from adventures, so what we have is vacation time or the small escapes from the daily grind once work has been done. During the international OutDoor Show twelve trade visitors were able to experience at first hand just how valuable these few hours can be.


As the second fair day drew to an end, this was time for the adventure to start for the hand-picked group of visitors who had registered for the OutDoor Live Microadventure beforehand. With minimal equipment on-board they started out for a nearby woodland in Deggenhausertal, where a professional outdoor guide was waiting for them. From here they set off for their final destination without any navigation system, but with a map and a compass. As they set up their camp for the night they were welcomed by the freshness of the forest on this summer evening in June. Tree trunks were ideal for hanging up hammocks, others laid down their thermal mats on the soft forest floor surrounded by a coronet of trees.


But nobody was thinking about sleep just yet – more of something tasty to eat.

Welcome to the outdoor kitchen! First of all, firewood had to be collected to cook the goodies they’d brought along: a fresh fish speciality from Lake Constance, potatoes and veggie packages. While some went gathering wood the others dug a hole for the earth oven. First a layer of large stones and then using a flint and tinder getting the fire to glow and form a hot bed for the fish wrapped foil, then another layer of earth, and then waiting...


Time to cook, time to take a deep breath, time to gaze into the fire and enjoy the sunset. The conscious perception of this time-out allowed the international group to connect, bringing together the participants from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal and Poland. After all, even if you work in the outdoor industry, your daily routine is usually a long way away from the fields and forests, lakes and mountains, so it’s moments like these that you can appreciate all the more.


How come everything always tastes twice as good outdoors?

In the meantime the fish are ready in the earth oven and it’s time to serve up with the veggies. How come everything always tastes twice as good outdoors? A question that each of the participants can answer for themselves as the sun slowly disappears behind the hills. Only the campfire is casting a golden sheen over the adventurers as, one after another, they slip into their sleeping bags. The next day it’s business again, another trade fair day and after a coffee at sunrise the group packs up and heads back. After a quick shower in the hotel it’s on with the OutDoor schedule – but this time at the exhibition grounds in Friedrichshafen – and not in the great outdoors.

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